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      MB611-III air-cooled xenon arc light fastness tester
        Used for color fastness to light, weather fastness, perspiration fastness and light aging test of textiles, paints, dyes, rubber, plastics, wood flooring and paper materials, which has the weather resistance functions of rain and spraying.
        GB/T 8427 ISO105-B02 GB/T8430 ISO105-B04 GB/T14576 AATCC TM16-2003 GB/T15102-2006 GB/T15104-2006 and so on.
        1, The 2500W long arc xenon lamp is used to simulate the solar spectrum.
        2, High transmittance filter combination, filter and filter with 95% transmittance to achieve the same irradiance, low power consumption and make the instrument more energy saving and environmental protection.
        3, The standard 420nm band, irradiance digital setting, real-time monitoring, closed-loop automatic regulation, provide the most stable irradiance test source for different standards (optional 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm and 300-800nm band).
        4, Radiometer detection and wireless transmission use light energy conversion technology to provide energy without the need for another power supply.
        5, The blackboard thermometer (BPT), the standard blackboard thermometer (BST), the irradiometer and the sample are detected at the same station (equidistant), which truly reflects the test condition of the sample, and the measured data are transmitted synchronously by radio frequency technology.
        6, The industrial temperature control system, heating (cooling) water tank to control the steam humidification system, quickly adjust the temperature and humidity test chamber, ensure the accuracy and stability of temperature and humidity test.
        7, A variety of operating modes (rain, light and shade alternation, rotation) can simulate the real climate.
        8, All the sample clips can be time tested separately, and can carry out the same machine test on different samples, which is convenient for testing and monitoring, reducing operation cost, and running time and timing can be outage protection, to prevent accidental power failure.
        9, 7 inch ultra large color touch screen, a variety of test monitoring mode (animation, number, chart), easy to control, intuitive and clear.
        10, The quality assurance of a test that can run for 1000 hours in a continuous period.
        11, Industrial level MCU control, anti-interference ability.
        12, 48 stations are monitored, and the radiation energy can be freely set up and inquired.
        13, It has the function of fault prompt and self diagnosis.
        The temperature control range of the test storehouse
        25~70℃; resolution: 0.1℃
        The range of humidity control in the test storehouse
        Optical cycle: 10 ~ 70RH%; resolution: 0.1RH%
        Dark cycle: 30 to 95RH%; resolution: 0.1RH%
        Standard blackboard thermometer
        40~105 degrees℃; precision: + 1℃; resolution: 0.1℃
        Blackboard thermometer (optional)
        40~80 ℃; precision: + 2 ℃; resolution: 0.1 ℃
        The test time control range
        less tha10000h
        Control of irradiance range
        0.80 ~ 1.20W/m - @420nm; (340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm or optional 280-800nm), 
        accuracy: + 0.02W/m - @420nm; digital set, closed-loop automatic compensation

        The rated power of the xenon arc lamp
        The rotation speed of the sample frame
        The maximum number of the sample holder can be installed
        GB number: 12; American number:6
        Each sample time
        less than 10000h respectively
        Light cycle
        less than 1000h
        Spray cycle
        less than 1000h
        Power supply
        AC220V + 10% 50Hz 6.5KW, rated power: 3.3KW
        The shape size
        920 x 650 x 1680mm
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